23rd- 25th November 2017

The first ever edition of OBSMUN was truly unique, having exceeded expectations with an engaging conference characterised by entertaining sessions and stimulating debate procedures. As the culmination of months of consistent dedication and commitment, the 2017 conference has not only redefined the concept of Model UN at our school — developing and expanding it to accommodate new people and ideas — but also broadened our community’s global perspectives and ambitions. As a group of enthusiastic students, OBSMUN’s first ever organising team is extremely proud of this accomplishment, delighted at the optimistic feedback received thus far, and, most importantly, grateful for the essential contribution of delegates, staff members and teachers who made this event possible!


We urge all participants to access the OBSMUN google drive folder, accessible below, to view official image and video content pertinent to the 2017 conference; moreover, we encourage you to watch the OBSMUN 2017 Conference Video for an overview of this spectacular event!

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