22nd- 24th November 2018

OBSMUN’s 2nd edition was yet another engaging and stimulating experience, accommodating a series of exhilarating debate proceedings across a vast spectrum of committees on an expansive range of topics and issues.

With the Human Rights Council experiencing animated deliberations on the present situation in Israel and the Palestine, DISEC exploring enthusiastic discourse to achieve common aims of international disarmament, The Court discussing imminent concerns over the application of the death penalty and the Security Council reflecting upon impending threats to international peace & security, OBSMUN incorporated a plurality of enriching proceedings during which students developed debating & public speaking skills, augmented their comprehension of the UN & international diplomacy, and engaged in an amicable social encounter with fellow correspondents from around the globe.


With an appreciation of all participants’ contribution, the OBSMUN organising team is most pleased with feedback provided and delighted at the attendee satisfaction obtained during yet another successful annual conference.

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