General A ssembly

Francisco Barbosa


President of the GA

Tomás Koehler

President of the GA

Dear Delegates,


Welcome to the General Assembly!


My name is Tomás Koehler, and for this edition of OBSMUN, I am delighted to serve in the capacity of President of the General Assembly. I am confident that my comprehensive experience as a chair in a wide array of committees — combined with the assistance and collaboration of GA staff — will deliver an enjoyable and stimulating series of debate sessions for all participants involved.


The General Assembly team will soon be publishing the topic guide for your consultation; we advise thoroughly reviewing the material provided in preparation for the upcoming event.


For any queries or concerns you may have, please do not hesitate to contact the OBSMUN team.


  1. Addressing the Issue of Global Human Trafficking

Research Guides

Topic Guide Human Trafficking 

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