Model United Nations

Concept of MUN & Procedure

MUN is an acronym for Model United Nations, a concept which consists of the academic simulation of activities of United Nations committees and subsidiaries. Students may participate as ‘delegates’ — representatives of sovereign member states — and debate numerous current issues of global relevance which threaten the integrity of the international community, ultimately adopting effective solutions with the consent of a majority.

Attending Model UN Conferences is widely regarded as a highly enriching activity, providing delegates with an insight into international politics and diplomacy, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of the policies and efforts undertaken by international organisations such as UN subsidiaries. It does, moreover, enable the development of multiple skills ranging from debate and public speaking to negotiation and problem-solving. During the OBSMUN 2020 conference, delegates will have the distinct opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills alongside enthusiastic delegates from around the globe!

In the majority of OBSMUN's committees, a clause-by-clause procedure is followed; delegates prepare draft clauses and debate them during committee sessions, thereafter voting on their adoption and formulating a final resolution with the inclusion of numerous clauses.


Additional details shall be provided through MUN guides and handbooks under our 'Resources' page in the forthcoming weeks!

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