Security Council

President of the Security Council

Laura Boettcher

President of the Security Council

Fellow Delegates and Advisors, 

Welcome to the Security Council Committee. My name is Laura Boettcher and I am delighted to be your president for the 2019 edition of OBSMUN. After my experience chairing for OBSMUN2018 and as a delegate in many conferences, I am sure that with the combined efforts of the SC staff, we will deliver an invigorating debate session for all. 


The Security Council team has published the following topic guides for your use; we strongly advise reading them thoroughly in preparation for the upcoming event.

For any queries or concerns, you may have, please do not hesitate to contact me or the public relations team at 


  1. Addressing the Arab-Israeli conflict and Evaluating the state of the Palestine

   2.  Addressing the condition of the Rohingya people with respect to, potentially, re-integrating them in their home country by enforcing reform and/ or encouraging neighboring states to accommodate them

Research Guides



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